Take a virtual walk along Unioninkatu!

The virtual Unioninakseli is a joint project between Helsinki University and Arcada University of applied science.The aim of the project is to bring rich media into the streets of Helsinki thus creating a citywide interface for the visitor and curious citizen.

This is the first prototype, a short presentation of our work so far. We have created 168 videos that we present here as an intermediate stage. The videos have been laid out on a map (see link below) where you can take a look at the location and then click on the "video" link to see the footage.

The map interface presents videos in three langugages in HD quality and they take a little time to load. Under the "Mobile" link you can find all eight language versions of the videos encoded in 3gp format which is supported in most mobile phones, iPads and other tablets.

In the near future we aim to connect the footage presented here to the cityscape. Using 2D-barcodes and GPS based services.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, please contact the producers as listed on the "Credits" page above.

Videos in HD format
These videos work best in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.

Firefox works but has to dowload the file completely before starting the video.

Currently these videos are available in English, Finnish and Swedish. The other languages will be added later.

Mobile videos
These videos are highly compressed and well suited for watching on your mobile phone over 3G or wireless lan.

They also work on the PC and Mac but require Quicktime.

All eight languages are available here on the right.

Note: you can go straigth to the videos using the "Direct video link" on the top of the page.

Whe clicking on the flag, you are presented with a google map interface. The red markers represent the different sites. Klicking on the marker brings up a streetview window depicting the nearby area. Above it is a blue link that takes you to the video. Some of the street view windows are empty due to the Google car not having had access to the area.